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Rédigé par YannG | 30 août 2015 | Classé dans: News | Mots clés: video, weapons

M590 Shotgun Test

There is no shotgun in Wolf:ET. This kind of weapons was first added by NoQuarter and Jaymod mods with the Winchester M97.

As NoQuarter and Jaymod mods, Wolfzone mod re-use almost the same settings but with a few differences. Shotgun on Wolfzone mod fire 11 pellets round who give 10 percent damage each but with a fast growing dispersion based on distance, so this weapon can be deadly at short range, but it's possible to survive if you are far enough and moving fast.

The M590 used in Wolfzone mod is not like the real Mossberg 590, in fact, the model in the game is a mixture of several components. It is based on Mossberg 500 cruiser with a custom buttstock and the ghost ring sights of the M590.

But as a game is not reality and Wolfzone mod will try at most to be only a fun arcade like game and not a simulation, the modeled gun have 8 rounds like the M590 instead of the 5 rounds underbarrel tube magazine like for the real M500 Cruiser shotgun.

M590 Shotgun Test - Mod DB

Furthermore all weapons into the game will have a different name from those by whom they are inspired to avoid copyright issues.