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Rédigé par YannG | 09 septembre 2015 | Classé dans: News | Mots clés: inventory

The Magical Backpack

Instead of spending an infinite time to wander around maps for collecting all kinds of objects to get useful stuff and to straight start to blow up the bad guys, i decided to add a magical backpack for the player.

Into this magical bag are contained all objects a player can use, and these objects can be used at any time and with no limit (except those of the object himself). To get them ready to use, you just have to assign them from the backpack to 8 availables slots.

To access the magical backpack inventory, it's quite simple, just use the "L" key to show the Limbo menu:

On the upper left you can see the 8 available slots with 3 primary slots who can be activated with "1" to "3" keys and just below, the 5 secondary slots who can be activated with "4" to "8" keys.

The lower left area is displaying the content of the magical backpack, just scroll down the list to see weapon or accessory you want to use and just drag and drop it on the slot to which you want to allocate him. Click "OK" at center bottom and use the key corresponding to the slot you just allocated the object to activate it.

You can assign any weapon to any slot to suit your needs, for example pistol can be assigned to any kind of slot either primary or secondary.

On the very lower left you can see the remaining time for the current game, this time can be set from 5 to 90 minutes at the very beginning of the game.

On the upper right you will see soon the avatar you can choose when you play the game.

And the lower right part allow you to select the team in which you want to play, either blue or green team or spectator if you just want to see bots fighting against each other.