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November News

I know it can be frustrating for people to follow a game development and can't play with it, so i decided to release an almost playable version and make frequent updates according to the progress of the mod's development.

Initially i wanted to release the Linux version at the beginning of november, and then the Windows version at the beginning of december, but i had to make choices.

At the beginning, the Wolfzone mod was made with the GPL version of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory engine released in august 2010 by id Software, and i only kept the Linux part because at that time i made this mod only for me.

But as i make a version for everybody now, i have to give a Windows version available too, and as i make that mod on my spare time, i don't have time and prefer to focus on the mod development rather than on the game engine, so i decided to modify the mod so that it will works with the ET:Legacy engine as the ET:Legacy team have done a great work to correct and improve the original Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory engine, moreover both projects are compatibles as they use GPL v3 license.

And thus, i'm working at present to adapt the mod and i will do my best so that it will be available by the end of the month, so stay tuned.

Player models:

I have got permission from marze3d to use these amazing player models he made for the True Combat: Elite mod, so i will append these models to the Wolfzone mod as soon as Linux and Windows versions will be available.

Bobot IA:

The Bobot mod artificial intelligence is based on a neural network which works rather well to simulate human behaviors, and the decision-making is made among a selection of predefined actions each having a percentage of concurrent priorities.

I have found a way in the bot's thinking loop function to redirect to another function who can watch and change these priorities levels in such a way that they can achieve a group of even more structured actions from the already implemented simple actions, for example:

  • engage enemy,
  • withdraw if too much damage,
  • take cover,
  • wait to recover health,
  • counter attack,
  • engage enemy,
  • and so on...

Crossroad map:

As you may have noticed with the last released screenshots, i edited the Crossroad map so that it becomes integrated into an urban environment instead of the countryside. I have to settle some details, but i think this will be the final version, and i could begin to make the next map.

Urban Crossroad #3 Urban Crossroad #2 Urban Crossroad #1

Voilà, that's it for now. Feel free to ask questions if you have it.

Rédigé par YannG | 09 juillet 2015 | Classé dans: News | Mots clés: video, bot

Testing Bots Behaviors

Now Wolfzone mod become more and more playable, I'm starting to check how bots behave, and it could be said that first tries are terrible.

Bots test - Mod DB

If the map doesn't have any waypoint, bots are staying at the same place in a static way or by madly going round in circles, and only when they saw an enemy, they move to attack it in a frontal way without any strategy, remaining in the line of sight.

And even when there is a minimalistic waypoint net, results are not much more convincing.

So the current task I'm working on from now is to try to improve as much as possible bots behaviors.